Residential parties are planned for so many reasons — birthdays, graduations, holidays, retirements, and more. While you’re busy getting all of the celebration details in order, why not let us take care of the party guest restrooms? Potty Shack Luxury Portable Restrooms is a full-service provider of portable restroom trailers sure to meet — and exceed — the needs of the home event planner. Before your next at-home party, call our team to ensure plenty of restroom facilities for your guests!


Thanks to the mild climate in Northern California, every holiday has the potential to be an outdoor celebration. But, many homes don’t have enough bathrooms to accommodate a large number of guests. Even if a residential property features multiple bathrooms, the party may require supplementary toilets due to the number of people invited to the gathering. Or, perhaps, homeowners seek to celebrate the holiday at home but prefer for guests to use bathrooms which are not located within the home. Don’t let a Memorial Day barbecue or a Thanksgiving feast become a hassle — call Potty Shack Luxury Portable Restrooms! With luxury portable restroom trailers ranging in size from 2 stalls to 8 stalls, there’s no holiday party too big or too small for our team to help with.


It may sound like one more thing to plan for but renting portable restrooms for any type of party alleviates several issues. Homes that rely on septic systems generally aren’t equipped to handle the large volume of wastewater created before, during, and after the party. Think about the amount of water used to wash dishes, flush toilets, and prepare food. Unless the septic system is in tip-top shape, a seemingly small party may be the tipping point which causes an expensive septic tank repair. Renting facilities can ease the strain on the septic tank, too! Second, every host hopes to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere — one that can be quickly ruined if guests spend more time in line for the bathrooms than having a great time. Instead of grumbles, ensure plenty of accommodations by backing up in-home restrooms with a portable trailer strategically placed outside. Each of our units comes fully stocked with hand soap and sanitizer, paper towels, toilet paper, and features LED lighting and climate controls for optimum comfort. Contact us today to get a restroom trailer estimate!


Before, during, and after natural disasters, such as fires and earthquakes, people may be required to evacuate their homes and seek shelter at a local facility. While these facilities have restrooms the number of evacuees may simply be too many for the restrooms to handle. Or there may be long lines and wait times that can be agitating. Portable toilet trailers can ease or even reduce the wait times by providing additional restrooms and showers for shelter staff and evacuees to use.


There are many disaster response tools used as recovery and clean-up efforts begin. Few people usually think of a portable toilets as a tool. Our portable bathrooms are mounted on trailers which means they can be easily and quickly moved as needs adjust. What many people overlook or take advantage of during normal situations can provide a sense of comfort during a disaster or emergency. A restroom trailer from our company is climate controlled, featuring adjustable heating and cooling settings. A detailed interior featuring a full vanity and LED lighting can provide a sense of normalcy during an abnormal time.


The last thing you and guests want to see during a party is the eyesore of a portable toilet. Gone are those days; our luxury restroom trailers were designed with modern expectations and needs in mind. Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before being rented out again. We’ll work with you to find a suitable location to set up the unit which is discrete in placement but still accessible for power, water supplies and guest usage. Plus, every trailer comes with climate controls and central stereo to help guests relax and soak in the ambiance of the gathering.